During past few years we have seen new jobs being created that never existed before. Changes in the economy has seen more job losses than ever before and people are forced to acquire more or different skills to secure a job. This means that there is a growing need and demand on training and the pressure is on companies to rethink how to use their training budgets more effectively. Education and training is an expensive line item for any company. Employees attending training means that they will initially spend time away from work. This is further compounded by the costs involved in training especially when it is outsourced.


The urgent need to find a turnkey solution that will assist to effectively deal with these demands are evident. It is for this reason why we developed an online education and training solution which is accessible, affordable, convenient and simple.



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In addition, a unique learning path can be developed to ensure that the employee will progress to the next level or will acquire the necessary skills to be more productive or perform better in his/her job.

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It is not only an e-learning platform, but an online education and training platform which incorporates online training, distance training and blended training into a single platform.

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Repetition is the key to staff development. The online education and training platform allows the repetition of any online or distance training for as long as it is required.

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This allows the client the option to have a choice of more courses which is supplemented by e-books, videos and research material. This is an online College.

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But it doesn’t end here, our unique online tool will provide the learner guidance on further additional skills to be developed. This ensures that money or time is not wasted on training that can shows no results at the end of the training.

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