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The business and office management course are for Office Administrators, Entrepreneurs and Supervisors. 


This course will assist you to: 

  • Better understand office administration. 

  • Understand the responsibilities of an office within a business. 

  • Understand the various office administration functions. 

  • How to supervise office staff and to be sensitive towards various culture groups. 

  • How to communicate professionally within a business environment. 


Course Details 

This course is made up of the following short courses:  

  • Business report writing. 

  • Develop administrative procedures. 

  • Manage administrative records. 

  • Business correspondence. 

  • Control service providers. 

  • Manage service providers. 

  • Manage stocks and fixed assets. 

  • The budget functions. 

  • Manage the reception area. 

  • Process incoming and outgoing calls. 

  • Cultural awareness. 

  • Organisational ethics. 

  • Work as a Team Member. 

  • Fraud in the Office environment. 


Certification & Further Recognition 

There are three types of certification: 

  • Short courses completed online will be issued a Certificate of Achievement.  

  • Short courses completed with all required assessments will be issued Certificates of Competence. 

  • Courses completed with all the accumulated credits equal to the requirements of a full qualification will be issued with a certificate either FET Certificate or Senior Certificates or National Certificates or Diplomas. 


Why this course?  

  • We do not believe in training for the sake of training. That is why you earn credits for every course you successfully complete towards a Qualification. 

  • Once enrolled, you become a student for life. 

  • In addition, we will complete an online Eight-Dimensional Profile that will provide you with further insight about yourself and further education and training courses. 

  • Through studying online means that you can study from anywhere, at your own pace and will save cost as you do not have to travel or sit in a classroom.  

  • You are not alone, a Course Teacher is one click away to support you. 


What is included?  

  • Eight-Dimensional Profile. 

  • Online course material. 

  • e-Books. 

  • Research material. 

  • Videos. 

  • Support by a Course Teacher. 

  • Certificate. 


Career Opportunities 

  • Secretary. 

  • Executive Secretary. 

  • Team Leaders/Supervisors. 

  • Entrepreneurs. 

  • Administrators. 

  • School leavers. 

  • Receptionists. 

Course Price R2 940  Now R2 499

Modules can be done separately @ R210 each:

01. Business Report Writing

02. Develop Administrative Procedure

03. Manage Administrative Records

04. Business Correspondence

05. Contract Service Providers

06. Manage Service Providers

07. Manage Stock and Fixed Assets

08. The Budget Function

09. Manage the reception area

10. Processing incoming and outgoing  calls

11. Cultural Awareness

12. Organisational Ethics 

13. Work as a Team Member

14. Control Fraud in an Office Environment