HR & Labour Consulting Services

Pages: 227

Binding: Soft cover

Price: R250.00 (excluding postage fees)

Author: Q Edward Davies



The aim of the book is to educate and enlighten both employers and employees alike as to their responsibilities and the way in which they should behave in the employment relationship.

The major motivator for writing this book is to hopefully be able to provide both employers and employees with the necessary information which allows them to have a good relationship with one another.

It is a firm belief that 95% of work related problems stem from a lack of knowledge either on the part of the employer or the employee or both – it is the wish that this book will close this gap somewhat.


Five topics were picked for this book – topics with which especially employers seem to struggle (for whatever reason). One of the topics may surprise readers, as what is difficult about leave? Wait until you see how complex it can become and then you will see the potential difficulties that can arise in connection with leave.


The book starts with the Employment Contract, as that is the basis of the employment relationship. Next, continuing with the “positives” by analysing Leave, before moving to the negatives such as Misconduct, Poor Work Performance and finally conclude with the CCMA, as can be guaranteed that if you are an employer and you dismiss an employee, at some stage you will have to deal with the CCMA. The more you know and understand about it, the easier you will be able to handle any case that may arise.

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