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Mitigate risk through in-depth investigation and screening before entering into a business relationship.

Credit Assessment

Lost Revenue

Regulatory fines, a tarnished Corporate image, decline in Customer numbers and lost Revenue are the possible consequence of an ineffective Anti-money laundering and Compliance solution.

Analysing Data
Data Source

Our Sources

We test against 1.4 million profiles from 1200+ Sanction and Enforcement Watchlists + 1.8 million PEP Profiles, 35 billion public Records on individuals and Businesses, 26 000 licensed adverse news sources from International + regional newspapers with an archive going back over 40 years.

Customer Service

Due Dillegence

Operating in a global market opens your business to bribery and corruption risk. Stringent anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) regulations demand a consolidated third-party due diligence perspective at every stage of operations. We connect your business to current and comprehensive risk intelligence across your relationships with customers, vendors and third-party suppliers to support well-informed decisions.

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Screening Technology




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