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This Entrepreneurship course is for persons with no prior business experience who wish to start their own small business.  


This course will assist you to understand: 

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • How to establish a small business 

  • Basic functions of a small business 

  • Risks of a small business 


Course Details 

This course is made up of the following modules: 

  • Management Principles

  • Business Communication

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Small Business Marketing

  • Small Business Finance and Accounting

  • Strategic Small Business Management


Certification & Further Recognition 

There are three types of certification: 

  • Short courses completed online will be issued a Certificate of Achievement.  

  • Short courses completed with all required assessments will be issued Certificates of Competence. 

  • Courses completed with all the accumulated credits equal to the requirements of a full qualification will be issued with a certificate either FET Certificate or Senior Certificates or National Certificates or Diplomas. 


Why this course? 

  • We do not believe in training for the sake of training. That is why you earn credits for every course you successfully complete towards a Qualification. 

  • Once enrolled, you become a student for life. 

  • In addition, we will complete an online Eight-Dimensional Profile that will provide you with further insight about yourself and further education and training courses. 

  • Through studying online means that you can study from anywhere, at your own pace and will save cost as you do not have to travel or sit in a classroom.  

  • You are not alone, a Course Teacher is one click away to support you. 


What is included? 

  • Eight Dimensional Profile 

  • Online course material 

  • e-Books 

  • Research material 

  • Videos 

  • Support by a Course Teacher 

  • Certificate 


Career Opportunities 

An entrepreneur is a person who is working for himself/herself. However, the experience gained from establishing your own small business can be utilised in the following areas: 

  • Strategic thinking and planning 

  • Sales and marketing 

  • Finances 

  • Management and planning 

  • Project management 

Course Price R4 030    Now R3 499

Modules can be done separately @ R310 each:

01. Innovative thinking

02. Research viability of New Venture

03. Manage general administration

04. Negotiate Agreements

05. Finance a New Venture

06. Implement and Manage HR

07. Build a Team

08. Entrepreneurial Profile

09. Plan and Manage Production Operations

10. Costing and Pricing

11. Plan Strategically NVC L4

12. Manage Business Finances

13. Action Plan