Companies face the following challenges when it comes to Education and Training:

  • Education and Training is an expensive line item for any company.

  • Employees attending training means that they will spend time away from their work.

  • Outsourcing of training can be expensive.

  • Training is done for the sake of training and not for a return on investment.

  • Training Departments are a cost centre and not a profit centre.

  • Training Departments need to train more employees in shorter periods of time at a reduced cost.


Education and Training is however important for any company. It is for these reasons that a unique South African online education and training platform was developed.




What makes this platform so unique?

  • The online education and training platform was designed using international best practices which were combined with the unique requirements of South African Companies.

  • The objective is to ensure the following:

  • Accessibility;

  • Affordability;

  • Convenience;

  • Simplicity;

  • Cost optimisation;

  • Time optimisation;

  • Relevance; and

  • Integration with existing systems.

  • The online education and training platform integrate the following:

  • Online learning;

  • Distance education and training;

  • Classroom based training; and

  • Learner Management System (LMS) for Learnerships, Qualifications and Special Training Projects.


Our state of the art online education and training solution enables companies to have access to the following:

  • Fifty-one pre-loaded online courses.

  • The ability to easily upload your own course material for e-learning or distance education purposes.

  • e-Library that has seventy-four unit standard aligned courses available to:

  • Download and for use internally for the training of employees.

  • Download and customise the training material to suit company requirements.

  • Download and combine the training course material with company specific course material.

  • e-Course material that provide access to two hundred and forty-four unit standard aligned course material that is available on demand.

  • Seven hundred e-Books.

  • Videos and research material.

  • Webinar functionality.

  • Reporting system.

  • Learner management system (LMS) for learnerships.

  • The ability to certify company specific short courses through the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations (QCTO) accredited College.

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