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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to Sign a Contract for my easySim Sim Card?

easySim is a pre-paid sim card and you are not required to sign a contract for this service. You can opt out at any time without notice. But remember that you will then loose your benefits immediately.

What will Happen if I don’t Pay the Monthly Payments?

You will lose all the benefits connected to the easySim Sim Card when you skip payments. You will still have the use of your easySim Sim Card, but only with no benefits. 

Where do I get my Sim Card?

An Agent in your area can supply you with a sim card. The once off initial cost of a Sim Card is R40-00.

How do I Activate the Benefits?

After you have paid your R139 at any of the Pay@ stores (Pick n Pay, Checkers, Spar, Shoprite, Ackermans, PEP, Game, Boxer), you will receive a “USSD” sms on your phone. You will be required to complete the information requested, from your phone. Thereafter you will receive your fulfillment documents on your phone. Save your documents and policy numbers in a safe place. 

How do I Qualify for the Benefits?

After you received your fulfillment documents, you qualify for your benefits. There is no waiting period.  

Is there a waiting period for the Benefits?

Once you completed the registration process and you Fulfillment documents will be send to you, you are covered immediately.

How do I Claim?

The fulfillment documents you receive, will explain the procedures you need to follow as well as all the contact details.

Who is the Underwriter?

Liberty underwrites the policies.

Which network supports this product?

This is a CellC product and roam's for FREE on all the networks.

How do I Top-Up on Airtime or Data?

Buy Top-Up Airtime or Data at any store, bank etc. that sells CellC pre-paid.

Where do I Pay my Monthly Fees of R139?

You will activate and pay your monthly fee at any Pay@ store. Click here for the list of Pay@ stores.

Your monthly payment can also be made via a debit order. An Agent can assist you with that.

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